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Interior painting offers a wide variety of styles, textures, techniques and color choices. The proper preparation and application of paint and materials on ceilings, walls, floors, or furniture is an art form and can dramatically change the look of a room, office, or home. Using the proper paint, selecting the correct products and using our professional services will give you results worthy of your personal, or professional space. Interior painting isn't just a coat of color on the wall, it's a decorative element that provides impact and inspiration in your interior design. We at Premier Painting Specialists & Pressure Washing are here to assist you in making your visions become reality. Painting a room is an easy and inexpensive way to give it a new decorative look. There are hundreds of colors and limitless combinations of colors to choose, choices in style, such as decorative painting, textured paint, accent walls, two tones, color change's, graphics and creative stripes to mention a few. Within today's paint market, all major paint manufactures are coming up with unlimited possibilities to enhance the beauty of your home, business or personal space. Call the professionals at Premier Painting Specialists today.
Accent walls are a design idea that involves painting on wall a color that contrasts with the other walls. Accent walls will highlight a work of art, furniture, or decorative scheme. A simple but effective use of paint.  
Two tone walls are another simple but highly effective use of paint. Paint the bottom half of your walls a dark, rich color and paint the top half the same color, only two to three shades lighter. Use a molding, stencil, or be creative along the
transitional seam.
Painting creative stripes or by adding geometric painted shapes to your walls can be extremely effective in large rooms to break up the long wall effect. Stripes can be done horizontal, vertical or diagonally depending on your personal taste's.
Interior Painting
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